Amy working on Mac Book outdoors showing the remote laptop life

What is a Laptop LifeStyle?

The Nitty Gritty on Laptop Lifestyle and Remote Work.

How to Get Started on Choosing What Will Work For You, Either as an Entrepreneur or an Employee.

What is a Laptop Lifestyle?

According to Stephanie Burns’ article in Forbes back in June of 2019, ‘The laptop lifestyle is needing only your computer, phone, and an internet connection to make an income. It really doesn’t matter if you are an entrepreneur, a remote employee, or a freelancer – if you can do your work from any location, you qualify.’

a computer, on a table, showing the simplicity of working remote
Working at a table on a laptop

Now, according to in November 2023, ‘A “laptop lifestyle” refers to working remotely while having the freedom to travel and live wherever you want. It typically involves earning an income through online work that only requires a laptop and internet connection.

This allows you to work from anywhere – whether in a motorhome traveling across the country or in an Airbnb in a new city every month.

Wow, I don’t know about you – but sign me up!!

(Actually, as an entrepreneur, it is what I do, {masterclass here} and that is why I am sharing about it, because it’s a road that I am on.)

Doesn’t it sound simple and amazingly fun?!

I mean, how convenient to be able to work from anywhere, scheduling your work around life instead your life around work, right?

There must be more to it than that though, right?

Otherwise, I would think that everyone would be doing it, which isn’t the case, so why aren’t they?

Let’s dig into it a bit.

What Benefits Are There from Working Remotely?

So, let’s start with that – not even narrowing it to the entrepreneur aspect, let’s dive into any remote work.

  •   No Commute – Skipping the daily drive saves time, gas money, and mental energy.
  • Flexible Schedule – Hypothetically, you can adjust your schedule as needed to accommodate personal appointments, travel plans, etc. (This of course depends on several factors – which I will get in to later.)
  •   Increased Productivity – Working from home can eliminate office distractions and lead to greater focus. Think no more water cooler drama…
  •   Increased living options – You can choose to live anywhere with internet access, perhaps somewhere with a lower cost of living or with the social environment you desire, or even a beach nearby. This can all be done without impacting your earning potential.
Various vehicles driving on asphalt street during traffic jam in modern city district in evening
The Commute

As an entrepreneur or employee working remote does seem to have it’s benefits.

Why is a Laptop Lifestyle More Convenient Than Remote Work Customer Service?

These are some of the things that I learned when I started looking in to working from home.

I started applying for remote jobs and began researching working remote in our coach.

I learned that with customer service, you have specific shifts during peak calling times, this sticks you to a schedule. (A laptop lifestyle allows you to work when you set your schedule to work – that worked better for me.)

One of the concerns of taking call after call was potential background noise in the coach.

Our neighbors on one side were remodeling, the other side was building a home, and there was also the lawn maintenance to take into consideration.

As an employee or entrepreneur, the noise factor was going to need to be taken into consideration.

It seemed that self-directed online work would be much easier to focus on.

Turned-on Flat Screen Monitor
Home based office with multiple screens

Location Independence was a must for me. 

I found that for customer service, you need a strong internet signal, and oftentimes a computer with more than one screen. (While most of these were provided, it meant lack of traveling.) 

Whereas the laptop lifestyle gives flexibility to work from anywhere that has enough service.

Amy in the car with her Macbook, working remote
Laptop lifestyle means you can work anywhere

Working remote for a company, like for customer service, requires a home office or at least dedicated space. 

If you do social media marketing, blogging, and coaching, all you need is your device and internet.

Creating product review blogs as an entrepreneur could be done virtually anywhere.

What Drawbacks Are There from Working at Home?

It does seem that working remotely has many perks, but there are some possible drawbacks as well:

Lack of a separate work environment – Without an office, your work and personal life can blend making it harder to “switch off”. (This can happen in both directions – that Netflix show can distract you from working, or that load of laundry that needs folded can too, just as easily as that email that chimes in during dinner can send you off solving problems or answering questions.)

Being less socially active – You can miss out on social interaction and connecting with coworkers when working solo unless you are intentional to create space for that.  

How Would Someone Get a Remote Position or Create a Laptop Lifestyle Income?

So, what are some tips for earning a laptop lifestyle or remote position income?

Research In-Demand Skills – Then evaluate your existing skills and see what you might qualify for. If the skills are freelance writing, web development, marketing, etc, and you do not have them, you can also research various education formats to learn them. {I personally used this one to learn mine.}

Build Your Portfolio – If you already have the skills, you can create websites and write samples for clients to see. You can also complete online courses and acquire certifications to impress prospective clients. 

Help Wanted Sign on Glass
Help wanted

Use Job Boards and Freelancing Sites – (I was excited about these at first. They appear to be great places to find remote gigs to start building experience and reviews. What I found with this was in many ways, I was one fish in a massive ocean. I had thought that it would fund my laptop lifestyle but found for me that it wasn’t the direction to go.)

While this can be a great side hustle, for it to be a career you will need to be sure to be intentional and strategic about what you do. This is great for someone that has specific skills that are in high demand.

Searching For a Remote Position – This can be as easy as inquiring at work to see if the position could become a remote one or checking the listings on Indeed or other employment sites.

Either way, as an entrepreneur or employee it would take some investigating to find what would work best.

What Recommendations Would I Suggest?

As a Confidence Coach for Entrepreneurs, one of the things that I suggest is to start off looking at what you want your life to look like.

I have a simple document that you can get here to help you work on that.

Once you have more of an idea of what would fit your needs, you are able to narrow down what options are best for you.

If, like me, you want to have the travel freedom, time freedom, and lifestyle of your choice, you may want to investigate types of income stream producing businesses that interest you, just like I mention in my first blog- The Birth Of A Blog.

Amy working on Mac Book outdoors showing the remote laptop life
Laptop lifestyle works for me

I recommend checking out this Masterclass, it’s the one that I got started with.

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Living abundantly, Amy

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