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Full-Time RV Living: A Journey From a Spacious Home to a Cozy Coach

Why we went from 1600 square feet of living space down to less than 300 square feet.


Imagine exchanging a spacious 3-bedroom house for a life of adventure in a 38-foot RV.

Full-Time RV living with no safety net of a home to return to.

Sounds daunting, doesn’t it?

Yet, that’s exactly what my husband and I did, stepping into a world where less really is more.

We had decided that in preparation for retirement, we wanted to downsize, and downsize we did!

The lure of future travel, fueled by my laptop lifestyle’s streams of income, beckoned us.

Our journey from a home on 10 acres to a compact, yet surprisingly spacious RV, has been nothing short of an exhilarating adventure, filled with lessons and life-changing experiences.

Embracing Simplicity: My Journey of Downsizing to Full-Time RV Living

What is kept, and what isn’t depends upon the need and value.

The decision to downsize was not taken lightly.

We were leaving behind not just a house, but a lifestyle.

I vividly remember the day we decided to make the leap.

Standing amidst a house filled with memories and possessions accumulated over years, the task seemed monumental.

Yet, inspired by Marie Kondo’s method, we embarked on a journey of decluttering that was as much emotional as it was physical.

Each item we chose to keep held either high emotional value or practical necessity.

We were ruthless yet thoughtful in our approach, categorizing items for the RV, storage, or donation.

The process was surprisingly liberating.

As we shed our belongings – we felt a weight lifting off our shoulders.

I know this is a sentiment echoed by many who embrace minimalism.

The initial phase felt like preparing for an extended camping trip – it was thrilling and filled with anticipation.

However, this ‘camping trip’ was about to become our new way of life.

The Surprising Spaciousness of Full-Time RV Living: A Comparison with Traditional Homes

What if what we needed wouldn’t fit?

When we first considered RV living, like many, we had our reservations about space.

How could a 38-foot coach possibly compare to the spaciousness of a 3-bedroom house?

The answer, to our surprise, lay ingeniously in every nook and cranny of our RV.

Our coach, a 2005 Forrest River Charleston, may not stretch wide in square footage, but it’s a marvel of space optimization.

The ‘basement’ storage, a large compartment under the main living area, became a game changer.

We could store essentials without cluttering our living space.

This under-coach storage, alongside well-designed interior compartments, debunked our initial concerns about cramped living.

Living in an RV also redefined our understanding of space.

In our previous home, rooms were designated for specific functions – a living room, bedrooms, a kitchen.

In our RV, however, spaces are fluid and multifunctional.

Our dining area doubles as a work station, and our living area transforms into a cozy retreat.

(If you are curious how this began, you can check out my first blog here.)

We learned to live with less, yet somehow, we felt we had more – more freedom and more flexibility.

Practical Tips for Aspiring Full-Time RVers: From Effective Downsizing to RV Maintenance

Permanent full-time RV living is a total different game than a week’s camping trip.

Downsizing for RV living is an art.

Start by distinguishing between ‘need’ and ‘want’.

As we sorted through our possessions, we asked ourselves, “Have we used this in the last year?”

If the answer was no, it was time to let go.

Obviously that wasn’t the case for everything, and those items were packed for storage.

We used storage totes labeled with the room names for items we weren’t ready to part with but wouldn’t fit in the coach.

In our situation, we were able to keep some items in our deck boxes here at our lot.

We also have an enclosed trailer that is in a storage lot in our neighborhood.

The things that we don’t access often, or that won’t be needed for a while, are in a rented storage unit.

We initially thought that we would build a drive up garage, and live in the RV permanently.

After 3 years full-time RV living, we have decided that in time, we want a home with space for an RV.

Full-Time RV living on a lot is different that the nomad travel life.

How does maintenance come in to play for our coach?

Maintenance is crucial, especially for an older model like ours.

Regularly running the engine and generator, even when stationary, keeps everything in working order.

Learning the intricacies of your RV is vital – and while there are similarities, there are also differences.

For instance, we discovered the best times to dump the septic to avoid unpleasant odors by trial and error.

We also learned how to utilize unique features like our ‘hide away’ bar for entertaining.

For those considering this lifestyle, investing in functional items is key.

As an *Amazon Affiliate, I recommend space-saving solutions that we find extremely helpful.

Check out this collapsible wheeled storage container here.

If your RV, like ours, includes a mini clothes washer – this compact drying rack is especially handy.

Blending Entrepreneurship with the RV Lifestyle: A Personal Reflection

When Full-Time RV Living and a Digital Lifestyle Meet, Magic Happens.

As a Confidence Coach for Entrepreneurs and content creator I wondered how this transition would go.

It posed an interesting challenge: how to blend the dynamic world of entrepreneurship with the compact, nomadic lifestyle of an RV.

The answer, I discovered, lay in the very essence of RV living — flexibility and adaptability.

The compact space of our RV demanded efficient organization.

Our dining table doubles as my office.

This setup not only saves space but also fuels creativity and inspiration.

The key to productivity in such a limited space is minimalism and smart organization.

Investing in multi-functional furniture and storage solutions keeps our workspace clutter-free and versatile.

Connectivity is another crucial aspect.

Ensuring a reliable internet connection is paramount for remote work.

If you are traveling, you may need to use a mix of Wi-Fi boosters and mobile hotspots to stay connected.

We had a couple of choices because of our permanent location.

My favorite has been the Internet Box by Verizon – simply plug in and set near the window.

This setup allows me to coach clients, create content, and manage my online business seamlessly.

The RV lifestyle also brings an unparalleled work-life balance.

An unexpected blessing has been the freedom to get to know neighbors in our community.

The resort type lifestyle here in Central Florida is an added bonus.

We found a community that requires owners to have a full size RV for the first year of ownership.

A live guard, fenced community, and lots of amenities complements the laptop digital lifestyle.

Reduced home maintenance gives me the time and flexibility to work when I choose.

This has not only enhanced my productivity but also my overall well-being.

It’s a lifestyle that encourages mindfulness and presence, qualities essential for any entrepreneur.

In conclusion, the RV lifestyle and entrepreneurship are a perfect match.

Learn more about entrepreneurship and the laptop digital lifestyle here.

It demands creativity, flexibility, and a sense of adventure — all qualities that are integral to both.


Embracing full-time RV living has been a journey of discovery, growth, and unexpected joys.

It’s a lifestyle that challenges conventional norms and encourages a deeper connection with what truly matters.

From the necessities of downsizing and maintenance to the wonders of compact living, this lifestyle is a testament to the fact that sometimes, less really is more.

For those of you considering this lifestyle, I encourage you to embrace the adventure.

The road less traveled is often the one that leads to the most memorable experiences.

I invite you to share your thoughts or experiences with RV living.

Are you considering making the switch, or are you already enjoying the freedom of the open road?

Let’s connect and share stories!

Thanks for reading, please be sure to like, comment, subscribe and share!

Living abundantly, Amy

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