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The Birth of a Blog!

(Or how a declaration created this Abundant Coach Life mess… that I am proud of!)

Well, y’all…. I am late on getting The Abundant Coach Life blog posted.

So, how do I feel about that proverbial egg on my face?

Pretty doggone incredible if you really want to know!

I told myself that The Abundant Coach Life website would be built and have my first post before 12:01 am.

The deadline didn’t happen.

It was about 5 days ago that I declared that it was happening on November 1st.

I decided I was done making excuses and instead I was going to make progress.

The problem was that I knew nothing about building a WordPress website.

I didn’t let that deter me, instead, I dived in and started this process.

A photo of Amy smiling and working on her laptop in the passenger seat of a car.

It has been trial and error and excitement and frustration all along the way, but you know what?

I am still not in bed yet, the site is functional (and messy), and I am writing the Birth of a Blog!

I was blessed to have the wonderful assistance of a dear friend this afternoon.

We worked together for 2 1/2 hours getting me familiar – I am eternally grateful for that!

I decided to push through, knowing there will be things still under construction, but it will be posted.

More progress will have been made than excuses!

How Does All of This Tie in to The Abundant Coach Life?

(And what is The Abundant Coach Life?)

Three years ago, my husband Ken and I decided to sell our 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home in the Green Swamp in Florida.

At the time, we thought we would be full time RVers.

We planned to live in the coach, while having a huge workshop for Ken, and a little Casita for us.

Oh, my, how quickly it became evident that while living in a 38ft motor coach is a blast; there was a lot more to learn than we had expected!

I share a bit more about this on my about page, here in the website.

We also thought that I would be working a full time job and we would start making bank!

The kids had already moved out, we had moved my mom into a safe home for her Alzheimer’s Adventure.

Now, it was time for the two of us to start that journey toward retiring Ken.

Life has a way of throwing in detours, speed bumps, and scenic highways, doesn’t it?

Detour sign along a country road with autumn leaves

Mom lived in the safe home, but it didn’t exactly mean that I had unlimited time freedom.

We learned that a traditional job was not reasonable, as I began the new stage of care in her Adventure.

Mind you, it was my choice to be available at any time for my mom.

I don’t regret it one bit – I am just giving you the overview.

So, I looked in to other ways to generate streams of income.

How does The Abundant Coach Life provide answers to streams of income?

Was there really a way to be able to balance working from home and caring for mom?

I started looking in to Affiliate Marketing.

I thought if I could learn how to do that, then I could monetize my blog and my You Tube Channel.

A blog can be written on a laptop, or a smart phone, or even on paper to be transferred later to a computer.

It can be written at the beach, at Starbucks or Panera, beside the pool, or even at a hospital bedside.

How do we monetize the blog becomes the question?

I needed to find a way to learn how to do that.

Remember that I mentioned I was a college drop out?

I had gone to online college for a bit, while I had mom home caring for her.

Amy and her mom smiling close together looking at the camera

Now, while it had been a fabulous experience for me, it was going to take a while and a little chunk of cash to get a degree.

I had invested about $11,000 and hadn’t learned more than a couple of affiliate terms, so, I closed that door.

While I closed the door on college, I still wanted an abundant life…

A few months later, I managed to learn about a digital real estate program that was online.

This program was geared toward entrepreneurs, with a great support structure that was a perfect fit for me! (if you are curious about if it would be a fit for you, you can check it out here.)

As I learned more about affiliate marketing, I learned that it could be one of a multiple streams of income that I could create.

Then, as I looked at my life over the last three years, I realized that I could create a blog.

I could share what I had learned living in the coach, while looking for work from home jobs, and the things I had learned about myself.

It dawned on me that I would be helping others maybe find their way even faster than I had.

This is where the Abundant Coach Life comes in to play, I know, you were waiting to see how this ties in.

Is The Abundant Coach Life Blog an affiliate marketing blog?

Is there going to be any value in here, or just sharing stuff I can buy?

I will be sharing my affiliate links in my blogs, probably even something in every blog.

That being said, if you have followed me online at all, you know that I also give loads of value.

You also would know that I am a phenomenal teacher and you are bound to learn something from me in every blog.

(So, my attorney is cool with ‘bound to learn’, but obviously I can’t ‘guarantee’ that you will learn something from every blog… cuz that could get me in to some trouble.)

My dream for this blog is to be me – in reading form – so what you will get will be a beautiful mosaic of many bits of life.

You know, a mosaic is small broken pieces of colorful glass – that on their own are often pretty, but when placed together in a mosaic and then the sunshines through them, it makes this incredibly beautiful sometimes breathtaking art.

That, my friend is my dream for this blog.

What will The Abundant Coach Life Blogs be about?

Do I have to be an entrepreneur to get anything from them?

These blogs will be a wonderful addition to everyone’s reading list, but I will share whom will benefit the most from them.

Anyone that is:

  • Considering a tiny home, or a motor coach
  • Curious about remote job vs laptop lifestyle
  • Looking for positive mindset tools and resources
  • Searching for additional streams of income
  • Feeling unfulfilled
  • Wondering how to begin downsizing and organizing
  • Interested in life hacks and tricks
  • Unhappy in their current situation and wanting to change
  • Confused with how to improve their life and live abundantly

So, there we go folks, you kind of have a bit more of an idea of why you want to subscribe!

Remember to mark the email safe – so that this can quickly become your most favorite piece of media coming your way!

Well, it’s certainly after midnight now, and I am quite bushed – so I shall sign off here.

Living abundantly, Amy

A bit about my links, and a special thank you.

*Here is that information again on the platform that I used to learn how to create my multiple streams of income. Just click here, and it will take you to the landing page that I created, and then in to more information.

**I am also an Affliate Marketer – so if you purchase anything from one of my links, I just want to say thank you! I appreciate you helping support me! You will notice that I only promote what I believe in. 
***“As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases.” (so if there is a link to anything from Amazon – thank you!)

Ms Amy May LLC P.O. Box 1224 Polk City, Fl 33868

When you subscribe to The Abundant Coach Life email, you will receive value, notice of new blog posts, and even gifts periodically. Please note that you are able to ‘unsubscribe’ at any time, a link will be provided in every email. Thank you.

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