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From 10 acres, 3 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms, to 38 feet long & less than 12 feet wide. From caregiving and raising children to building multiple streams of income – all in less than 3 years. It’s messy and fun and I’m here to teach you what we’ve learned along the way, and stay tuned, because the journey isn’t over yet!

It’s coming together!

Y’all – this is under construction

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I made a commitment to myself (last week y’all!) that I would get this live and post a blog TODAY… and I am doing it – so continue to check back as I get this all put together. By the way.. contact me – if there is anything in particular you want to learn about … ASK me. Thanks!

Affiliate Marketing

One of my streams of income.

I appreciate your patience. I am so excited to launch this. Today is my soft launch … November 1, 2023 (Y’all… you might want to give yourself more than 5 days… especially if you have never built on that platform… haha…) But ya know what? I kept my commitment to myself, and here we are. Trust me – there will certainly be a blog on this.


Revealing great information on how to make money working from home, no matter how small the home.

This is going to be exciting as it comes together!

  • Learn how I make money on what I buy
  • Learn how I make money on what I share
  • Learn how someone who couldn’t hardly copy paste 3 years ago now is building her own websites!

What about Coaching in a Coach?

I believe I’m here to remind people that they are amazingly valuable and have unique gifts and potential that the world needs now. 

This means working with groups of people online, working one on one with humans online, and it also means creating content, courses and more.

3 years ago I never would have imagined coaching in a coach, or anywhere for that matter.

Now, here I am doing Masterminds, Collaborations, Groups, and more – and I absolutely love it, and my clients rave about me!

I will share with you how this all came about – and what it means for you as a very viable and fulfilling stream of income.

Under Construction

A whole variety of do’s and don’ts of living in a coach, building a company, downsizing, and so much more!

You will have a front row seat of all that we have experienced in this incredible journey!

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Abundance begins with being intentional.

Abundance in life is about more than just financial measurement. Abundance in health, physical, spiritual, mindset, finances, and relationships will be fulfilling and fruitful. Seeking abundance in all areas of life will bless everyone around you.

Multiple Streams of Income & The Simple Life of Living in a Coach

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